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Alt Girls of Color Will Survive

TikTok alt-girls identify as the polar opposite of the mainstream. The alt-girl image seemed to be present everywhere, from carefully chosen alt-rock soundtracks to grungy thrifted clothing.

So how does she actually appear?

That’s where the trouble starts.

The trendy TikTok alt-girl combines a number of 2000s themes with an initiative. The indie , emo, and scene subcultures are where the aesthetic first emerged. At the time, each aesthetic was viewed as rebellious, and representatives of these subcultures were frequently shunned or mocked. Years later, TikTok is altering how the general public views these rebellious subcultures. Although  those who follow the alt—girl aesthetic may still face ridicule for their appearance, way of life, or musical preferences, they can amass millions of views on TikTok by following the alternative aesthetic. 2022, #AltTikTok had received over 14.7 billion views, and that number is probably going to rise.

The alternative aesthetic comes in a wide variety. Others may decide to follow the fairy-grunge aesthetic, which mixes the edgier grunge look, the mystical and overt feminine of fairycore with a darker,. For example, some may fall into the soft-alt aesthetic, which is marked by gentler colors like pastel pink.

It may seem strange to learn that  creators and white influencers predominate in the alternative aesthetic given all the different ways to fit in. Although TikTok contributes to the aesthetic becoming more widely accepted, it should be emphasized that the TikToks that go viral typically show white people.

It is impossible to deny the glaring absence of individuals color in these neighborhoods. This problem can be attributed to the societal trend to describe alternative culture as particularly white and to view whiteness as the dominant race.

The prominence and visibility of non-white alternative makers are constrained by the fact that women of color are frequently pressured to conform to established assumptions and racialized aesthetics. Black girls, for instance, are frequently portrayed as “Jezebels” or sexually available stereotypes. As a result, they’re frequently forced to conform to a hypersexualized image, as evidenced by the stereotype that Black women should have large bums and curvy bodies. Due to the underrepresentation of people who adhere to the alternative aesthetic while wearing modestly, other people who are interested in it may be rejected because of their cultural background.

Those who are wrongfully lumped into a category because of their race or ethnicity suffer a great deal mentally from constant stereotyping. Everyone should be permitted to express themselves freely through art forms including music, clothing, makeup, and other forms of expression. A person’s right to self-discovery is denied when they are forced to fit into a certain mold.

Alternate WOC refuses to be ignored regardless the opposing aesthetic’s erasing of them. Alt—WOC creators continually produce new material. For instance, the material on TikTok about alt-Asian girls has received 7.4 billion views, while content about alt-Black girls has had over 3.6 billion users, demonstrating the significance of content producers of color in fostering diversity in the community of alt.  The hard efforts of content producers who deliberately accept both their aesthetic and their race, despite negative remarks, are the foundation of this expanding inclusivity.

For instance, the founder of the alternative TikTok app, Indian dancer angelphroot, has a disability. Despite what some on the internet may think, she actively promotes her unique fashion and her ancestry and as of April 2022, she had 185,800 followers on TikTok. She can be seen dressed for a rave in one TikTok and traditional Indian attire in another, both with loud heavy metal music playing in the background.

The  gothmulan ia an Asian TikToker is another artist breaking down borders on the platform. As of April 2022, she has amassed 331,800 followers while maintaining her refusal to adhere to a certain aesthetic. Gothmulan is unabashedly living her life, pursuing her interests, and showcasing the things she loves, whether she’s preparing a satisfying bowl of ramen, creating relevant comedic content, or teaching followers how to create a distinctive cosmetics look.

Barriers are being broken down by creators like gothmulan and angelphroot to demonstrate to other POC that it is okay to be who they are. Anybody can investigate and embody the alternative aesthetic, regardless of the prejudices that commentators and trolls may insist on. The alternative style isn’t exclusively for white folks, to put it simply. Participate in the aesthetic does not depend on the color of skin.  Rather, it concerns a person’s interests and ideas as well as how they choose to present themselves to the outside world.



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