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Best American pickup trucks

The pickup truck is the most American type of vehicle. Modern rigs have evolved significantly from their workhorse roots, even though they are still perfectly capable of moving freight and navigating terrain.

But, there are some situations and factors when a brand-new truck just isn’t the right choice.  We now give you our list of the best new and used vehicles available right now.

2016 Ford F-150

Since it is a symbol of dependable toughness, the Ford F-150 must be mentioned while talking about pickup trucks. Every buyer can find the ideal base model because it is among the most economical in its class and offers six different engine choices. The King Ranch edition of Ford’s Raptor, which now dominates the hard-core off-roading market, offers all the lavish features you could desire. The modern F-150 is lighter and more fuel-efficient because of aluminum construction, and when properly equipped, it can tow up to 13,200 pounds and haul up to 3,300 pounds.

There is no better year to buy a pre-owned Ford F-150 than 2014. There are several different engine choices available, one of which is the EcoBoost V6 engine. The 2014 Ford F-150 has a three out of five reliability rating from Consumer Reports, beating past model year versions of this well-liked pickup.

With cutting-edge technology and interior features, the Ford F-150 really starts to shine in 2016. You can discover more of these features in Ford F-150 models from 2016 and 2017 like the SYNC 3 system and Pro Trailer Backup Assist. The model of 2018 year and up will come with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Chevrolet Silverado 2014

The Chevy Silverado has been the Ford F-150’s main competitor for generations. This rivalry is the automotive equivalent of the famous Hatfield-McCoy conflict, and it has inspired both companies to develop ever-better trucks. Significantly, the 2019 Silverado underwent a complete redesign and is now offered with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It has more power than the base V6 at 310 horsepower, but buyers seeking the finest hauling and towing capabilities should choose one of the optional V8 engines, which are capable of towing more than 12,000 pounds and approximately 3000 pounds of hauling.

Check out the 2006-released Silverado Vortec Max if you’re looking for a used Silverado. With a V8 engine under the hood, this high-performance Silverado impresses both admirers and fans. With that, it surpassed every Silverado that had come before it. Prior to the 2006 Silverado Vortec Max, the Silverado was little noticed by the typical truck enthusiast.

Consider something a little more modern. With the addition of the High Country customization package for the 2014 model year, your Chevy Silverado cemented its position as a top-tier pickup truck. You won’t have to compromise design to save a few dollars thanks to contemporary features like the cooled and heated leather and  touchscreen  seating.

2018 RAM 1500

Of course, America’s Big Three each provide a pickup, and the 2019 RAM 1500 is also brand-new. Although it doesn’t have as many engine options as its domestic rivals, Ma Mopar’s vehicle still has enough power thanks to both the 395-horsepower V8 and the 305-horsepower V6. The RAM can walk the walk in addition to having wonderful ride quality, a great audio system, and class-leading inside quality. A brand-new RAM will be able to haul 12,750 pounds and handle a weight of 2,300 pounds if the appropriate options are selected.

The 2018 model year gives a good rating of   customer satisfaction over time when it comes to a used truck that will be put to the test as any RAM 1500 should. The 2018 RAM 1500 has three cab types, an engine with up to 395 horsepower, 20 city miles per gallon, and 27 highway miles per gallon. The 2018 RAM 1500 sports basic infotainment systems, including Apple CarPlay and  standard Android Auto and  compatibility, and an overall reliability rating that is above average.

Toyota Tacoma 2020

Now, US manufacturers basically controlled the truck market for many years. The Toyota Tacoma, however, has carved out a place for itself in the little truck market and is beloved for both its unfailing dependability and excellent resale value. Although a four-cylinder with 159-horsepower is offered, we believe that most purchasers will be better served by the 278-horsepower V6 model. Moreover, the TRD grades come with upgraded suspension components that will easily handle even the most difficult trails. The Tacoma can be outfitted to tow 6,800 pounds and haul 1,620 pounds , despite not being the toughest truck here.

You might think about a 2005 Toyota Tacoma if you want to feel a little bit retro. The Toyota Tacoma’s second generation was produced from 2011 until 2015, and the model years that span that time offer a high-reliability rating. The affordability and lifespan of this generation of the Toyota Tacoma may make up for any modern conveniences you give up.

Yet, the present generation is also nothing to be sniffed at; the more recent, the better. Think about a 2020 or 2019, which comes with lots of latest facilities like infotainment and comfortable interiors. You’ll likely find a model in this version that is more reasonably priced than some of the more prominent designs from the second generation because there are more available to test drive.

GMC Sierra 2019

The GMC Sierra, a corporate relative of Chevy’s Silverado, completes our analysis of the top five selling trucks in America. It offers comparable performance and shares all the advantages of the brand-new foundation for the model of the 2019 year because it relies on identical architecture. Within the cabin, in which even the cheapest versions have materials that are a few levels above its rival, the Sierra sets itself apart from the Silverado. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for buyers who value luxury but also need a full-size truck’s hauling and towing capabilities.

Ironically, the automotive press views the 2019 GMC Sierra as the preferred model year to purchase a used GMC Sierra. Fans are swarming to the 2019 because of the upgrading of many of its cabin technologies, which allows them to make a small MSRP discount while retaining safety systems and modern infotainment . It even outperforms the Ford F-150 in a number of areas, such as general dependability.



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