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Chrollo Lucilfer

The Phantom Troupe’s leader , founder, and member zero is Chrollo Lucifer. The group’s seventh-strongest member was him physically.


A young man named Chrollo has grey eyes and black hair . A forehead tattoo in the form of a cross and a set of orb-shaped earrings are two of his defining features. He frequently appears in a dark purple coat with white fur on the neck and wrists that is left unbuttoned to show off his toned body. On the back of the coat, a golden St. Peter’s Cross is engraved.

Chrollo didn’t wear his signature coat or brush his hair back until the Phantom Troupe was established. He was dressed in a blue blazer, his hair was left to hang down naturally, and his cross tattoo was covered up by a couple of layers of wrappings when he contacted Neon Nostrade to take her Nen talent. Although it has not yet been revealed, the 1999 anime version gave him a spider tattoo on his right arm.


Although Chrollo looks to be a natural leader and can keep the Troupe together regardless the explosive personalities of its members, he is composed, wise, and charismatic. Chrollo is an excellent thinker, but he also has a great deal of faith in both his own and the Spider’s other members’ fighting skills. Hisoka struggled to combat him because he was constantly accompanied by at least two others. Chrollo sells all of the objects he sought for and bought after admiring them. Also, it is said that Chrollo enjoys old novels.


Meteor City, a junkyard city populated by outcasts, is where Chrollo came from. There are no residents listed in any official documents, and only a small number of people are aware that the city even exists.

One day, Franklin, Shalnark, and Chrollo, who was around eleven years old, discovered a brand-new VHS cassette in one of the trash heaps. Machi witnessed them begin to sprint while slinging the tape from hand to hand. She then tells Uvogin about it, and he interferes with the boys. Shalnark is knocked unconscious by Uvo as Franklin gives Chrollo the tape back, giving him the chance to go. Then, on a motorcycle, Phinks and Feitan blocked Chrollo’s route. Chrollo returns the tape to them, but it turns out that he outsmarted them by hiding the recently discovered tape under his shirt. The tape was actually a Gelman language course cassette that had been discovered previously. Chrollo then makes his way to the church where he briefly speaks with Father Lisores. He then goes to the AV room and runs into Pakunoda there. Together, they watch the Power Cleaners movie on the tape they had recorded on a VCR in a foreign language. Chrollo chooses to collaborate with his buddies to develop dubbing and adapt the movie’s narrative. He requests Pakunoda to convince Sheila and Sarasa. In a brief period of time, Chrollo completes the script, and the four buddies begin recording.


Ben’s Knife: One of the renowned Ben’s knives, which were forged during Delon’s pivotal period, is in Chrollo’s possession. It has a black hilt with a D-shaped, slightly curved knuckle guard. Two parts of the blade split off near the guard. The longest is the one in the middle. It has a pointed end like an arrow. The second portion, which is curved, acts as the knife’s edge. Its tip is almost in contact with a portion of the center. The back of the blade is made up of a third segment. Two horizontal bands link it to the other objects.

Antennae: Shalnark’s two antennae were carried by Chrollo to start Black Voice. Hisoka asserts that they might have been retrieved with a fishing line.   But, during the battle, both were lost or destroyed. 

Cell phone: Chrollo also took a loan of Shalnark’s unique bat-shaped telephone,which was remained in Chrollo’s hands when Shalnark passed away, in order to make use of his power.

Features & Powers

Chrollo, who serves as the Phantom Troupe’s leader, is a superb fighter who is regarded as the group’s strongest member. Hisoka, who has consistently wanted a confrontation with the Troupe’s commander more than any other Spider, is clearly ranked below him by Machi. If his opponent has a skill that piques Chrollo’s attention, he will often hold back so he may take it. He was able to fight Silva and Zeno Zoldyck at the same time, two highly skilled assassins, without allowing any gaps for the latter to take advantage of. But, he was unable to seriously hurt either of them, or in the end, Illumi honoring his promise saved him.

Preternatural Perception: While being pursued by Gon and Kurapika , Chrollo was able to perceive both that he was being followed and the direction in which his pursuers were coming, whereas the other five members of the Troupe were unable to notice anything out of the ordinary despite his warnings.

Improved strength: Chrollo, placed sixth among the Troupe in arm wrestling.

Yet, given that Specialists are the worst at using Enhancement talents, his rank is great. Even so, he can use a regular pen to cut through skulls. He can even raise adult men and fling them across a distance of several meters while standing on balcony top , all with the use of just one arm.

Conclusion :

The Phantom Troupe was founded by Chrollo Lucilfer , who is regarded as invaluable by his fellow members despite putting the Troupe’s needs ahead of his own. Remarkably, Chrollo, who is ranked eighth, is exactly in the midst of the Troupe’s physical strength. The Kurta Clan was wiped out under Chrollo’s leadership, and Kurapika, the lone survivor, vowed to punish all Spiders. During their encounter in Yorknew City, Chrollo contracts Kurapika’s ability, which prevents him from using his own Nen or interacting with any of his subordinates.



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