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Now available is Alienwares updated Aurora gaming desktop.

It didn’t take long for Alienware to debut its updated Aurora gaming PC. Its Intel-powered Borealis R13 (above) and AMD-powered Aurora Rye Edition R14 have both been made available under the Dell brand, along with the R13’s planned chassis makeover and CPU update. The Intel machine currently employs 12th-generation Core (also known as Alder Lake) processors, with models ranging from the unlock cpu, 3.2GHz Core i9K & i9KF to the 10-core, 3.7GHz Core i5. All AMD variants, including the 16-core 5950X, continue to employ Ryzen 5000-series processors.

As you might anticipate, the distinctive Legend 2.0 chassis continues to be the focus. You may anticipate a clear side panel that is more widely available, tool-free entrance, more configurable lighting, and an interior volume increase of 50%. The Aurora should operate cooler and quietlyer than its predecessors while still making upgrades simpler thanks to these factors and a generally cleaner structure. If you’re set on building your own rig, it probably won’t influence you, but if you’re happy to purchase a pre-built system, it could.

The AMD computer starts at $1,250, while the Ryzen R14 variant starts at $1,480, and both are now on the market. Up to 128Gigabyte, GeForce Gtx while since or RX 16.000 XT graphics, and 4Human immunodeficiency of total storage—2TB spinning disc and 2TB SSD—remain the standard upgrade choices.

And if you’re a designer who would like a more subdued casing, don’t worry; Dell has you prepared too. The business has announced a fresh XPS Pc (below) that has the previous model’s “secure” architecture but comes in a considerably bigger shape (27L against 19L), which enhances ventilation and allows for easier customization of the toolless chassis. You will only be able to choose from 12th-generation Intel Core i5, i7, and i9 CPUs, but you will still have access to the same RAM, graphics, and storage options. If there are problems with fan noise or throttling, you may also employ liquid cooling.

Later in the autumn, the newest XPS tower will be available for $919. Therefore, if you’re more concerned in sheer power than an eye-catching casing, it can be the superior purchase.



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