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Shollies are a German Shepherd and Border Collie  mix

Someone may have suggested a Shollie to you if you are searching for a bigger dog with a great disposition.

The Shollie is a crossbred dog created by crossing a border collie and German shepherd  .

Because the resulting dog is exceptionally clever and lively, he or she will undoubtedly require love, a lot of time,  and devotion to thrive.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

However, Shollies are extremely trainable and cooperative, making them ideal dogs for new owners who are willing and ready for taking on a bit of a challenge.

Would you like to adopt a Shollie? Continue reading to learn everything you desire to know about these unique puppies. We’ll also assist you in determining whether you’re ready to bring one into your life.

Are you considering getting a dog? Always think about adopting.

Shollies is one of hundreds of cute and friendly puppies seeking a home in shelters around the country.

Shollie’s Primary Characteristics

  • 20-24 inches tall
  • Weight: 70-90 lbs.
  • Life expectancy: 13-15 years
  • High energy levels
  • Shedding: Significant

Shollie: The Breed’s History

Border collies and German shepherds   are both herding dogs.

German shepherds were first raised in Germany in the nineteenth century and were recognized as a breed in 1899.

Border collies are sheepdogs that were first identified in the British Isles in the nineteenth century.

Both dog breeds are thought to be extremely clever, trainable, and nimble.

As a result, German shepherds have become popular as working dogs and are frequently seen in military and law enforcement positions.

Border collies are among the greatest sporting dogs and frequently compete with remarkable success in sheepdog contests.

It’s unclear when the Shollie appeared or what breeders hoped to accomplish with the new breed.

However, the end product is a relatively large and athletic dog who is highly clever and protective. Because of these characteristics, the Shollie is an ideal family dog.

It is vital to note that, unlike purebred dogs, the effects of mixing dog breeds are always uncertain.

While experience helps us predict what to expect, crossbred dogs do not always emerge “true to breed,” so you may end up with something completely unexpected.

The Appearance of Shollie

Shollies should be reasonably large canines with a athletic and lean  build.

German shepherds, according to the breed standard, stand 22 to 26 inches tall, with males being an inch or two taller than females.

Border collies are slightly smaller, ranging in size from 18 to 22 inches. Nonetheless, a Shollie that is less than 20 inches in length is uncommon. They typically weigh between 70 and 90 pounds.

While these large canines are loving, their size causes them to underestimate their strength and may inadvertently harm children or the elderly.

Shollies can be practically any combination of their parents’ hues, including  golden , black, white, brown and they are almost always a mix of at least two different colors. They frequently have appealing speckled patterns.

Border collies have a thick undercoat with a longer protective outer coat that can be smooth or scruffy. German shepherds have a thick undercoat as well as a lengthier outerwear.

A Shollie will have a similar double coat, most likely with long hair. This puts them at a significant risk of overheating in hot weather.

They also shed a lot, and if their hair is not cleaned on a regular basis to remove shedded hairs that have stuck to their coat, it can easily get matted. Shollies look their finest when they are brushed on a daily basis.

Most Shollies will have brown eyes and a muzzle that is fairly lengthy. They can have either pointed German shepherd ears or floppy border collie ears.

It can take many months for their ears to firm up, so you won’t know either a Shollie puppy will have pointy or floppy ears as an adult straight immediately.

Shollie Characteristics: Trainability

German shepherds and Border collies are both quite intelligent, and their kids likely to inherit this trait. They are quick to learn and highly flexible. In most new situations, shollies can rapidly find out what is expected of them.

Shollies are simple to please because they were bred as training dogs. This implies they will not only learn new instructions but will also carry them out in order to make you pleased.

More independent and rebellious breeds might understand what you want but refuse to give it to you; the Shollie does not.

Because of the Shollies’ intelligence, they require a lot of cerebral stimulation. They are easily bored if they are not given things that keep them occupied. This is why, even if they will  live as a family pet, it is always an excellent plan to teach them tasks.

They will also help from difficult toys, such as puzzle games, to keep them entertained when they are left alone.

If they are left alone for an extended period of time with nothing to excite their brain, they may create their own amusement. This is the destructive type of digging and chewing .

One of our favourite interactive dog toys is the Nina Ottosson Tornado Puzzle Toy.

The Shollie’s intelligence and desire to please make them quite easy to train, making them an excellent choice for first-time owners who wish to get started on the challenge themselves.

Shollie Personality: Independence

Shollies want to be included into the family. They will immediately bond with and become protective of the persons with whom they spend a lot of time.

When other humans or animals approach, they will typically be on high alert and may exhibit territorial behaviour if they feel threatened.

They have a natural affinity for youngsters and enjoy playing with them; nevertheless, they should always be watched while around tiny children. Threats to their children, in particular, can elicit their protective instinct.

Do you have concerns that your dog is extremely possessive? Keep an eye out for these warning indicators.

If these dogs are left alone for an extended amount of time, they can grow worried or unhappy. They are not the kind of dog you can leave at home alone for several hours while you go to work.

When you come home, your Shollie will shower you with love and affection. If you let them, these dogs will want to be right next to you, whether that means sitting at your feet or snuggling up with you on the couch.



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