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To make it simpler to find particular segments of videos, TikTok has added video-scrubbing thumbnails.

This week, TikTok discreetly added video-scrubbing thumbnails to its site as part of its continuing effort to improve its video capabilities. Users now have an easier time locating a certain part of a lengthy video due to the new feature. Matt Navarra, a social media expert, saw the feature first.

The feature may not yet be accessible to everyone since it is only beginning to go out this week. I was unable to see the video-scrubbing thumbnails on older videos, thus it appears that they are currently only accessible for newer uploads. Long movies on TikTok can already be fast-forwarded or rewinded, but by adding video scrubbing thumbnails, the process  becomes easier to understand.

Say, for instance, that you’re watching a recipe video on TikTok and want to go to a particular section. In the past, you can only  watch the film while scrubbing. The updated thumbnails will now allow you to see exactly where you’d like to fast forward to.

Given that TikTok has been gradually expanding on YouTube’s territory, it was just a matter of time before it implemented this feature.  Scrubbing thumbnails have been available on YouTube for what seems like always, so it seems natural that  TikTok offers them as well, especially given that it keeps promoting itself as a viable solution for longer-form youtubers who usually upload content on YouTube.

TikTok has been aiming to enhance customers’ viewing experiences since  it introduced the option for viewers to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long. TikTok started a fresh horizontal full-screen option with a small group of viewers worldwide last month.

According to data, TikTok is now watched more frequently by children and teenagers than YouTube. This has been the case ever since June 2020, when TikTok started to overtake YouTube in terms of the typical daily minutes of usage by users ages 4 through 18. TikTok is encroaching more and more on YouTube’s territory by improving its viewing experience.



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