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What to Know When Planning a Wedding Over a Holiday Weekend

Everyone enjoys extended holiday weekends because they provide them an excuse to take a day off work. However, is now a suitable time to organise a wedding? The solution is not simple, like most aspects of life. It was the marriage Kimberly Reynolds had been thinking of for years when she just tied the knot on New Year’s Eve.

I enjoyed the idea of everyone coming together to enjoy marriage and the start of a new year when I attended a NYE marriage a few years ago. Everyone is delighted to ring in the fresh year and ready to celebrate, she claims. We enjoyed having everyone in the party dancing by 11:50 as we all counted down to midnight. It was a huge celebration!

However, there are many factors to take into account when combining your special day with a significant holiday. We sought counsel from specialists as a result.

Finding the Right Holiday Weekend

“Except for holidays that are basically ‘party’ holidays, I personally wouldn’t schedule a marriage on any other holiday. However, in my opinion, everyone should follow their own best judgement,” says Reynolds. A non-“party” holiday weekend like President’s Day is really an excellent choice, according to Annie Lee, a wedding planner and the creator of, because attendees are unlikely to have any traditions or preparations that weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is a great one as well, according to Krystal Gardenia of Gardenia Weddings, and it occurs at a nice time of year for the weather. She advises against organising a ceremony the week before a particularly significant holiday, such as Christmas.

or Thanksgiving, when the majority of people will likely have several obligations and travel.

The Most Effective Days for the Ceremony

On a three-day weekend, Lee continues to advise having a wedding on Saturday so that guests can leave on either Monday or Sunday (assuming Monday is the extra day off). But ultimately, it comes down to what your visitors will find most logical. Gardenia advises couples to take into account the sector of business that most visitors work in.

“Saturday is always the greatest day if the majority of your guests have corporate jobs that are Monday through Friday since they won’t have to ask for time off. But if a large portion of your visitors are employed in the travel or hospitality sector,

or Thanksgiving, when the majority of people will likely have several obligations and travel.

Consequently, Saturday is actually a terrible day because it is their busiest and it will be challenging for them to request time off—especially for a weekend vacation. In those cases, think about a Sunday or a Thursday instead,” she advises.

Cost and Supplier Availability

When making plans for a holiday weekend, it’s important to consider the accessibility and cost of suppliers. For instance, due to the high volume of flower delivery around Mother’s Day weekend, many florists decline wedding bookings, says Gardenia. And if they agree to take reservations for that weekend at all, many suppliers and venues will tack on a significant holiday fee.

because they desire to spend time with their family, just like your guests.”

“One of the major overhead expenses for any business is staff. The couple will be charged a special holiday price if the caterer wants to hire 20 servers on New Year’s Eve, Lee continues. Reynolds claims that she was capable of avoiding any extra charges because of her two-year ahead planning. To keep from having them work on a vacation, the venue permitted some of her suppliers to establish on December 30, according to her. This venue didn’t actually charge more for anything. I anticipated NYE to be more pricey. Planning ahead as much as you can is her best piece of advice.



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